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CSS object-fit and object-position properties: Crop images embedded in HTML

Published Feb 12
The properties object-fit and object-position are used to specify the size and position of external media inserted into HTML. Read more…

Paul Bakaus: AMP is a pretty misunderstood project

Published Sep 16
In a few days, Paul Bakaus from the AMP team will give a talk at WebExpo in Prague. I asked him a few questions: Whether AMP can be considered a successor to the jQuery ecosystem, about the issues associated with the potential opening of AMP benefits to all sites, and finally the AMP Bento subproject. Read more…

Bootstrap's Biggest Problem: Missing Style Guide

Published Jul 26
Bootstrap 4 is simply the most sophisticated UI library for the web, however, it lacks the style guide and documentation of the design system. Read more…

Mark Robbins: Interview before WebExpo about Interactive E-mail

Published Sep 13
Can you imagine coding newsletters without using the table tag and inline CSS styles? Or using modern CSS3 technologies? Or using SVG’s? Sci-Fi! Read more…

“How To Poison The Mobile User” – my first article for Smashing Magazine

Published Nov 07
In my first article for Smashing Magazine I teach how to poison the mobile user. It’s easy. Read more…

Three questions for Rachel Andrew before WebExpo Prague: CSS Grid Layout and Perch CMS

Published Sep 21
When speakers like this appear at WebExpo Prague, it is always a pleasure. I will tell you why Rachel Andrew is a must-see for every front end developer. Read more…

Interview with Harry Roberts Before Webexpo Prague: about Refactoring CSS and ITCSS

Published Sep 06
Harry Roberts (@csswizardry) is one of the most interesting speakers on the upcoming Webexpo conference here in Prague, Czech Republic. Read more…

Please Deal with Website Load Speed. Here Is Why

Published Aug 01
„Never underestimate the importance of fast”, Google CEO Eric Schmidt proclaimed in 2010. Read more…

Even Better Flexbox Cheatsheet at CSS Mine

Published Jun 27
Complete guide to flexbox, now with six richly illustrated chapters. Read it online or buy it as an ebook. Read more…

How To Deal With Mobile Navigation And Why Do We Need Hamburgers?

Published Jun 21
We are used to making mobile menus so they do not fit the mobile screen. This is why we are hiding them and providing a switch for them. This is the state of mind of the current web developers.  Read more…

Martin Michalek

Author: Martin Michalek

Freelance front-end designer based in Prague, the Czech Republic. Technical writer who gives lectures about CSS3, responsive design and modern web UI development.

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CSS Mine

Get my e-book focusing on CSS3 and
modern web UI development.

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