A Few Words About This E-book

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Thank you for reading the “CSS Mine: Dig into Web UI Development” e-book. If you got this e-book without a license, do not worry, nothing is lost. You can still put things right by buying the e-book license at www.cssmine.com.


Even though I have done everything I can to avoid errors, you still might find some in this e-book. Therefore, do not hesitate to report any errors you might find, because all users will get an updated version of it.

I will also be glad for any feedback in general or an e-book review. Send your comment to martin@cssmine.com.

Who Is the E-book for and Why Was it Written?

The basis of this e-book lies in several years of writing a CSS3 guide at Vzhuru dolu – vzhurudolu.cz - a Czech version of CSS Mine.

The text you have just started to read guides developers through the current version of the web user interface (UI).

It will be your everyday buddy when applying CSS in practice, being especially helpful for beginners and intermediate developers. Experienced users will appreciate the detailed flexbox guide and the summing up of contemporary website UI development.

We do front-end coding, i.e. UI development — not front-end programming and Javascript.

What Is It About?

This e-book consists of two parts:

Contemporary Website UI Development – how the development of user interfaces has changed in recent years and what tools, technologies and approaches are commonly used nowadays.

CSS3 Reference Guide – practical examples and traps to avoid in the everyday life of a coder.

The Author

Martin Michalek

Martin Michalek is a freelance front-end designer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He writes well know Czech blog vzhurudolu.cz and gives lectures about CSS3, responsive design and modern web UI development.


“CSS Mine: Dig into Web UI Development”
Version 1.0
March 2016




On today’s frontend UI development

UI development transformations

Tools, technologies and workflows

Fallback strategies

CSS3 reference guide


Text properties

Background properties

Border properties

Box properties

Media Queries

CSS transforms

CSS animations

CSS3 Layout

Another CSS3 Properties

Non-standard properties



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CSS Mine

Get my e-book focusing on CSS3 and
modern web UI development.

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